BFP Talks Schedule

A series dedicated to conversations on topics impacting fat birthing people. Each series will rotate topics and include discussion time.

All sessions will be recorded and shared with those who register.

4:30pm PDT

Early Pregnancy Worries

Fat and Newly pregnant? No one to talk to? Come join the BFP talks session to have a conversation addressing early pregnancies woes from belly shape to food anxiety.

7:00pm PDT

BFP Talks April

Types of Care Providers

Newly pregnant or thinking about switching care providers and curious what providers are available to you? Not sure how to find providers in your area that are fat friendly? 

Join this BFP talks session to get a brief overview of care provider types and interview questions to ask!

7:00pm PDT

BFP Talks May

Uncomfortable Conversations with Care Providers

It's one thing to have a conversation in your head or with a friend about how to combat weight stigma during pregnancy care, but how do you talk to your provider about it? 

Let's talk strategies and phrases to encourage self advocacy!

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