Hi, I'm Christina!

“It will take you years to get pregnant because you’re fat!”

Is this something you have heard before or believe to be true? Do you long to change that narrative? If so, you are in the right place! I work with birthing people who consider themselves fat, living in a larger body, plus size, etc. to uncover the roots of their internalized fat phobia and change the stories that lead them to think they are not worthy of pregnancy or an empowering and joyful birth and postpartum experience. 

Through 1:1 coaching, personalized childbirth education classes, and rotating topical courses, I provide support that allows fat folks a space free from the lies diet culture and ableism tell us about our ability to conceive, carry, and birth babies. I work with clients to regain autonomy in their bodies, embrace their experience, and mentally prepare to birth with power and authority. 

My name is Christina James (she/her), and I am a Fat Mom, Birth Nerd, and Adult Education Enthusiast. I combine my formal education in the theories and neuroscience of teaching adults with my love of all things pregnancy and birth. The goal of Big Fat Pregnancy is to empower fat birthing people to experience joy and create a positive experience they deserve. You are in the right place if you are looking for individual transformation through coaching, peace of mind and empowering childbirth education courses taught with adult learners in mind, or self-paced birth learning opportunities. 

I was that person above who believed that being a mom and having a positive birth experience was outside of my reach because of the pounds I carried on my body. I heard it for years that conceiving would be harder, if not impossible, because I was heavy and because of my long and complicated reproductive issues. But a voice deep in my soul knew there was more to this story I was being told.

When my partner and I did decide to have a child, I had already ventured a bit into learning about diet culture and the truths I held about fat bodies and their ability, value, and worth. As my body grew so did my conviction that being fat was not going to define my pregnancy experience. I explored books, positive birth stories, and scoured Instagram for proof that fat people have joyful birth experiences.

Ultimately, I found my path to accepting and then loving my powerful body that was beautifully creating another human life. My journey through pregnancy and birthing were so empowering that I knew working with other fat birthing folks was my destiny.

During this journey of personal growth, I also obtained my masters in adult education and training in which I focused my research, internship, and final project on the field and culture of birth and teaching parents to be. My personal experiences and education mesh to bring transformative coaching and educational services to those who I am privileged to work with.


Positionality Statement

As an individual who identifies as a white, heterosexual, cisgender, female, I recognize that my life experiences are dictated by the privileges of this identity. These along with my access to health care, higher education, and professional education place me in a position of power different from those whom I might teach and coach.

For this reason, I acknowledge that my facilitation, teaching, and research practices must always strive to include the voices and diverse lived experiences of Black, indigenous, and people of color, gender and sexual minorities, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities. I am committed to the continual lifelong process of educating myself so that I may be an anti-racist and anti-oppressive force within the field of birth and education.

By sharing my own regular commission of racial and gender micro-aggressions and other instances of -isms, acknowledging and talking about my own racist impulses and instincts, I hope to grow, learn, and reduce the harm I cause and  space I take up as white person. I hope to continually work to uncover the deep-seated nature of learned and systemic racism in myself and in the spaces I operate in.